Professional development to help you plan for COVID-19

We’re taking action to support all educators working to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

For the rest of the academic year, we’re offering administrators and teachers free weekly PD sessions to support them in their efforts to meet the needs of students in a remote learning environment.

Remote learning 101

Understand how Classcraft motivates students by meeting their need for autonomy, competency, and social relationships. Learn how games and storytelling can bring students and teachers closer together.


Using Classcraft with Google Classroom

Explore how to use Classcraft’s motivation ecosystem to supercharge Google Classroom for remote learning.


Motivating students with Classcraft

Explore how to turn your existing curriculum into a personalized learning adventure with Quests. Learn how to use Classcraft’s more advanced features to increase student engagement.


Classcraft for schools and districts

Learn how Classcraft’s real-time insights into student behavior and motivation can help educators make decisions that prepare all students to thrive.