Is your PBIS powered by motivation?

This elementary school used Classcraft to implement engaging and inclusive initiatives that helped students connect positive behavior through intrinsic motivation.

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Read the East Elementary School case study to find out.

A story of success

After using a behavior management platform that proved to be more punitive than helpful, Donna Davis, East Elementary School’s Media Coordinator & head of Technology, was left with the question, “What will motivate students to meet behavior expectations?”

After implementing Classcraft as a pilot project in one classroom, Donna and the rest of the school noticed immediate changes in students: they became more motivated to engage in positive behavior and academic success. Building on the effective results from the pilot with 50 students, they quickly implemented their program to a schoolwide attendance of 500. Classcraft helped them create a PBIS model that elevated their entire school culture.

So how did Donna Davis do it?